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Wanted: Mosses

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Anybody got some moss they can give/trade meeeee? I'm looking for Flame, Peacock, Singapore, Taiwan, and/or Weeping Moss... or even some subwassertang. Just wanna cover a medium sized driftwood for my new low light, no co2 tank.

I'm limited in what I can trade... I have a very small amount of Fissidens, some Rotala, or Hygro Tiger and possibly Hygro Siamensis.

Got a couple Root Medic Complete+ Root Tabs left if you wanna try those.

also have the Hagen Nutra CO2 canister, ladder, and the packets... no tubing though.

Also have 2 adult Assassin Snails, or 4 baby ones.
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I would but I'm broke now after splurging on shrimp stuff.
I have a bunch of flame moss that needs trimming in two tanks. It will probably equal at least a baseball. I also have a small amount of subwassertang. I'd be willing to trade for some of the plants you listed. I'm definitely interested in your Hygros and Fissidens. What kind of rotala do you have?
Rotala rotundifolia, colorata, and macranda green I believe...

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got taiwan, flame, and weeping, but there still recovering/growing in my Ebi. wont have any to share for a month or two
Okay, no problem, maybe in a couple months then :)
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