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I have a 72 gallon that I would like to make into a Amazon planted fish tank. The is the list (so far) that I would like to get, I'll pay going price plus shipping.
1 Myriophyllum tuberculatam (Red) "Red Myriophyllum"
3 Hygrophila guianensis "Guiana Hygrophila"
3 Alternanthera reineckii "Roseafolia" 'pink'
3 Alternanthera reineckii "Lilacina" 'purple'
1 Echinodorus opacus "Opaque Amazon Swordplant"
2 Echinodorus "Rose"
2 Echinodorus major "Ruffled Amazon Swordplant"
3 Echinodorus uruguayensis "Uruguay Amazon Swordplant
10 Hydrodotyle leucocephala "Brazilian Pennywort"
2 Eleocharis acicularis "Hairgrass"
2 Echinodorus tenellus "Pygmy Chain Swordplant"
2 Echinodorus bolivianus "Bolizian Swordplant"
and a handful of Lemna trisulca
Well thats my list, let me know what you can do.
Heavy G
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