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First, I would advise against adding the loaches. You already have 5 large angels.

Your marineland double bright would be sufficient for low light plants. I would know, I have one. Jave ferns and anubias are great starter plants and are low light, they would suit your tank well. You do not necessarily need to use fertilizers in a low light tank if low light is what you are going for.

You are asking about every aspect of a planted tank in this topic. I believe that is way too much to start off with given all you provided us is a tank size, filter size and light.

Before asking such a question, I would recommend you read about lighting, substrates and fertilizer dosing on this forum. There is a ton of information out there. By taking this upon yourself, we as forum members can then better help you get started when you are able to provide us with more details about what you envision, what your budget calls for and the current equipment you have. It seems you are jumping in head first without first acquiring some knowledge as evidence of purchasing plants without any idea of how to properly care for them regardless of their species.

Everyone on here is eager to help others, but I would take a step back, do more research, have a game plan and then ask questions.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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