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I have Amazon frogbit also dwarf water lettuce for floaters;

I've got some nice large portions of Java fern (typical variety unless you're looking for some special species);

As for the sword the Amazon variety gets huge (like 24-36" leaves) pretty quickly and is only green but I've got some beautiful red flame swords that get about 24" leaves over a longer period of time but typically stay around 18-24" and these plants add really nice color contrasts as opposed to just green (even in low light) they are red light green and dark green all over if you're interested;

Not sure exactly what type of hygrophilia you're looking for (if it's sunset hygrophilia then be careful as its not supposed to be shipped across most state lines as its a nuisance weed)

PM me if you're interested and I can give you pricing shipped for a nice package; let me know what kind of substrate you're using though
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