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Want to add new fish

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Ihave a 20 long with 8 neon tetras and 7 blue eye fork tail rainbows

Iwas thinking of adding some other fish species but not sure what kind.

There are a few ihave in mind but not sure how good they will go with my current fish or what there needs are.

The fish ihave in mind are
Dwarf neon rainbow fish
Sword fish (forgot the actual name but it's a fish that has a sharp point for its tail)
And probaly Electric blue ram pair.

Any thoughts of the fish I'm interested in or other fish ican look into to add into my tank?
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I'd go with either the swordtails (that's their name) or GBRs.
Google is your friend. Always your friend.
I'd go with either the swordtails (that's their name) or GBRs.
Google is your friend. Always your friend.
Lol thanks. How many sword tails are needed or would one mail be good?
A single male would work. If you want more than one, you need three females per male, and you'll end up with a billion fry.
I'd suggest, if you want a swordtail, you go to a couple of different LFstores and find a nice male you really like.
Well im thinking of just getting one just to add a cool fish species in my tank and a swordfish would be cool. So just 1 male sword tail would work fine? Not sure if it's a schooling fish or anythn like that
Well Swordtails are communal fish but not schoolers. Let me notify though that they are fantastic jumpers, therefore your tank should be well covered.
dwarf neon rainbows can get some decent size on them, need to be in a good sized school, and are very active and fast swimmers - long story short, need a bigger tank. A single male swordtail will be perfectly fine on his own (and not cause the population explosion a pair could). They are going to be more of a mid/top swimmer like your forktails though. A ram or two would be a good option as far as spreading the fish out through the tank, but they aren't as hardy as most swordtails, so be prepared to be extra diligent about water conditions and whatnot if you go that route.
im leaning towards a swordtail. thanks everyone now ijust gott look for one lol
ijust got a swordtail and he looks pretty cool. do they do good with amano shrimp?
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