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want pic of assassin snail eggs

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My tank has been trouble free for a year, except for pond snails. I decided to get a couple of assassin snails. I don't want to be over run by these down the road so I am looking for pics of their eggs so I can remove them. Thanks
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They don't hatch or grow as fast as "pest" snails, take 3-8 weeks to hatch, and even longer to grow into adult size., Oh yea, one baby per egg.
Thanks that really helped. Even if they are under the gravel I should be able to vac them up.
Thanks that really helped. Even if they are under the gravel I should be able to vac them up.
Maybe. They do stick to whatever they are laid on though, so it might be easier to wait for them to hatch then do a gravel vac since I heard if you WANT them you have to be careful not to suck them up in the vac when vac the gravel.
I don't think vacuuming the gravel will help much. They lay eggs everywhere and anywhere. Maybe you can get to the root of the problem by separating males and females when you seem them mating. Naturally, when there's only boys or only girls in the tank, you won't get any more eggs guaranteed.
PS...the eggs look like a tiny clear square with a round dot in the center. Some have compared it to a little ravioli or a little sunny side up egg.
Since they are slow to grow. I hope to get them before they take over. The pond snails just don't stop, Even with reduced food and no food and we all know snail killer does not work.
I've had males and females in the same 125 gal tank for over a year and I rarely see more than 2 or 3 at a time. I don't think they multiply anywhere near the rate of the pest snails.
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