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I am having trouble/w my computer as it has XP and is gradually becoming
worse and worse about makin connections. Have no trouble psting but can't get subscription notices or PM's from here very well. Actually seem to get but not able to send the PM's to other people.
So a possible seller should use my e-mail address to send info to me directly.
[email protected].......I can receive PM's but can't send them.
But I seem to have only one male left in my shrimp tank as all juvies are coming out looking like red tiger shrimp from my RCS. They have no color on most of each scale part but rather just on the front edge of it giving a tiger look to them but only red and clear. See picture below.
So If someone is willing/able to sell me 3-4 MALE RCS that are very good
quality to get my stock back to a more normal look...
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