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Hi folks,

I'm moving into a postage stamp sized apartment in Boston and my girlfriend already has a 75G tank with some turtles and fish in it (that I'm going to try to convert into an aquaculture setup for growing edibles, might do a post here about it when I get started) so my beloved 29G has to go for space reasons.

$200. Everything included. This means: Tank, hardwood stand, homemade LED lighting setup (see below) and hood, all flora and fauna, tank heater, air pump and bubble wall.

The LED hood I made myself last year. It's 12 x 3W Cree LEDs, 6 warm white and 6 cool white alternating on separate channels. They have 60deg optics on them. It's driven by a driver I made myself and modulated with an Arduino, with my software on it. You can adjust intensity on either channel and it has sunrise/sunset with smooth dimming. The poplar hood is wall mounted and sits well above the tank for easy visibility/access to the tank itself. I run it at about 50% power normally -- it is capable of far brighter light than even the most high-light plants would need. Total draw around 45W at full power.

The tank is a walstad natural planted tank, with mineralized soil under white pool filter sand. It has been set up around 18 months and is growing great. It has no filter, and a 150W heater. There is a nice piece of oak-root driftwood in there, though you can hardly see it with all of the plants.

Painted Red Cherry Shrimp (hard to tell how many, at least a dozen very large adults. Might easily be 75 total)
Pond Snails
Possibly one or two Panda Cories but hard to tell

Duckweed (L. minor)
Crypt Spiralis
Crypt Wendtii
Wisteria (just one stem left, it did well when the tank was young but is now outmatched by the jungle)
Java Moss
Flame Moss
Java Fern (3 large ones on driftwood)
Blyxa Japonica
Ludwigia repens

The tank is very stable. I've been doing a PWC twice a year and just topping off whenever the water gets low. The water remains crystal clear, but the driftwood and soil still leech tanins slowly so it will get a tint after a while.

Any questions please post! I'd rather sell the whole thing together, but if you just want all of the fauna/flora that might be arranged -- though I don't want to ship, you'd have to pick up.



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Ended up moving it with me and incorporating most of the plants into other tanks. I'm still looking to get rid of the 29G tank (empty), stand, and lighting setup. PM if interested.
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