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Wahdone in China has anyone dealt with them?

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I was wondering if anyone on here has purchased any type of shrimps from this company in China? If so what was your shipping time and did the shrimps come direct to your home or was it to the nearest airport for pickup. What was the DOA ratio if any....replacements etc.
Any info would be appreciated. thanks
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I've seen his posts on aquabid and wonder as well.
Frank deals with wah done, and as do I. I have had nothing but good experiences with him thus far, but only deals with importers.
OK that's great. Was it sent to the airport...I guess you got a permit and had all that done in advance? What else will I need? thanks
Talk to Frank about that. I really don't discuss business :) Nothing against you or anyone, I just prefer not to let everything out on a public forum.
I've been looking at this seller as well, but I'm nervous about making a purchase like this from overseas with Winter upon us.

janftica, we're in the same province. I'm curious to know if this seller has much experience in dealing with exporting to Canada.
His aquabid stuff is sent through the regular postal system.
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