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wach out if you use Submariner UV sterilizer

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Last time I did a w/c and cleaning things up I took out the Submariner UV that was in the tank, but not plugged in and noticed that the wire had a big crack were it enters the pump, by time time I got it to the table the wire just fell off. Now I know why I got an electrical shock sometimes when I handled the lights. If you use this UV light in your tank,check carefully! I'm glad I did not just plug it back on.Oh ,it was + or - about 1 yr old. It did a great job before it started to zap me.
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okie dokes.

specific brand sure would do this thread wonders.
I guess we are all supposed to know this info magically.
I must not be magical enough.
I'm guessing "Submariner", but Harry Potter's got nuttin on me.

And I've been concerned about the possibility of shock by all the components in our tanks. Heaters, etc... With the crappy quality of most things manufactured the days, it almost seems inevitable.
hmmm... all majickal attributes aside, google is your friend! The poster did state the brand name as being "Submariner". He just missed stating JBJ.
Thanks for the heads uP
I bought it from F&S,it is listed only as "Submariner UV Sterilizer and Clarifier" did not know there was more to the name,sorry.Lesson for all is to check ALL components of our tanks and the wires at every w/c. I also found my Marineland Stealth heater had several small bubbles on the case.[ Made in Italy-not China} I do wish things were made like the "old days". and would last a little longer with getting dangerous malfunctions
Great info regardless of the model. I wouldn't knock the brand for one problem, and not knowing how it could have ended up that way.
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