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wabi kusa type thing need plant suggestions

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hey so i'm starting a wabi kusa type thing in a round little bowl with a bed of soil capped with sand with a small tera cotta pot resting on top. i've got the bottom part covered and i sort of know what i'm doing with that, but i'm sort of stuck with what to do with the top.
the diameter of the whole thing is maybe 8 inches. the pot i've got in the middle is probably 2 or 3 inches, so the plants i put in the middle can't be huge. i do plan to try to jam as much in there as possible though.

also right now the top of the pot is submerged by maybe 3 cm, i'm assuming this is alright if i can get any sort of marsh plant. am i right there or is there anything i should be careful of? also should i be using a terra cotta pot or is there a better idea for something like this?

i was thinking i would divide the pot into 3 sections, top right would be some sort of grass like plant, something short on the front/middle and something broad leaved maybe colourful on the left back.
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For the grassy areas you could use dwarf hairgrass. If you have a lot of patience, some crypt parva or you could use that in the short plant area. you could also use riccia moss or lilys which look beautiful in wabi kusas :smile:. not sure about any tall plants though
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