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Wabi Kusa Eco Balls
Each Eco ball is handmade and dried for about 2 days. Since it's handmade, each ball may vary slightly in size. The Eco Ball is packed with beneficial nutrients to allow optimal growth in the plants. It contains a special blend of ingredients to prolong the plants without fertilizers for about 6 months. The core is porous enough to allow the proliferation of beneficial bacteria for a well balanced environment.

Small (~1.5" Diameter) - $10/each or x3 for $25
Medium (~2.5" Diameter) - $15/each or x2 for $28
Large (~3.5" Diameter) - $20/each

Stainless Steel Metal Hanger (~2.5" Diameter, for 3-5mm rimless tank) - $15/each
** Medium size Eco Ball will fit the Metal Hanger **

Clear Plastic Wabi Kusa Humidity Box - $1.5/each

Shipping starts at $8. PM for shipping cost on multiple Eco Balls.

x3 Ammania Bonsai (~3") - $2/stem
x3 Rotala Sunset (~3") - $5/stem
x3 Pearl Weed (~1"+) - $5 (batch of x10 stems)/each
x15 Blyxa Japonica (~1"+) - $1.25/each
x5 Taiwan Moss (~golf size) - $7/each

x3 Pogostemon Kimberley - $5/each

x3 Pogostemon Stellatus Sri Lanka - $2/stem

x5 AR Mini (~1"+) - $2/each

x3 Dwarf Baby Tears (~2"x2" patch) - SOLD

x5 Tonina Fluviatilis (~1"+) - $3/each
x6 Hygrophila Araguaia (~1"+) - $1.5/each

x4 Bacopa Monnieri (~1"+) - $1/each

x5 Erio Polaris (~dime size) - $10/each

x6 New Carib Sea ACS05823 Super Natural Torpedo Beach Sand for Aquarium (5 lb Bags) - All x6 Bags $50 shipped
x1 ADA Lily Pipe outflow P-1 10mm (never used) - $90 shipped

x1 ADA Lily Pipe Inflow V-3 13mm (never used) - $110 shipped

Shipping $8

*********************************************** ************************************************** *******

*May contain snails and algae*
**Please watch your weather**
***Shipping will be on Mon-Wed or Sat.***
****Not responsible for USPS delays or DOA****
*****No Minimum order, but please try to order at least $10*****
******All stems cuts are generally 4-7"+ unless noted******
***** All plants are grown submerged unless noted *****
**** Will not hold plants, first payment gets it ****

************************************************** ****** *****************
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