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VorTech pump: MP10, MP20, MP40 (what size for 90gal)

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Anyone have VorTech pump? I'm wondering which one would be appropriate for my 90gal. I think the MP20 but also do not want to end up with something way overpowered. Also, any feed back or lessons from experience on these pumps? They are not cheap!

Also-also, what exactly is the difference between VorTech and VorTech "EcoSmart". I've read the product description but am not entirely clear.

Many thanks,
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you dont need that for freshwater. most if not everyone use that for saltwater.
you can just get a koralia pump if you need more flow. it is alot cheaper

as for the difference, the eco smart if the new driver for the wavemaker
plus they discontinued the MP20. the MP40 is the replacement
The Ecosmart is a cool feature which allows two powerheads to work together and wirelessly using a single driver. Generally vortech kit is used in reef tanks but there is nothing wrong with using in a fresh water tank as they are high quality, reliable and have adjustable flow rates. Ive got an mp10es in my 40g plantedtank and it gives me great flow around all plants and gives a very natural & gentle swaying motion to plants.
You'll have less stuff in the tank with the Vortech as opposed to the Koralia also.
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