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Von Rio/Flame tetras and Serpaes?

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I've never kept either of these lovlies before, and have questions about them:

1. We were told by multiple experienced keepers that the Rios and Serpaes will school (or, at least, not be rude to each other). So far, they dont really school much at all, but don't hate each other...? Input?

2. We have 7 Serpae (but could get more in time, just don't want to overload the cycle) and only 4 Flame. Thought we got 5 from a LFS that's closing, and were allowed to keep what we caught for free. Oops. Problematic?

3. Havent sexed the Flames, but two pairs have split to opposite ends of the tank, and may be spawning? No idea. One of the fish in each pair patrols the area territorially and the other stays behind. Kinda weird-- I thought they abandoned their eggs...? I think it's bugging the rest of the fish a bit, even though they are nippish themselves.

4. The only really recently aggressive Flames will only go after the Serpaes and the misfit Glolights we have (3 left after disease, for now). They ignore our betta splendens female and our diptail pencil fish. Presuming they ignore our scarlet badis and our ADF, too. Will this wear off after they've been in the tank longer?

Tank is 0/0/5-10, 77'ish degrees, 36g, cycled, heavily planted, filtered, aquadvisor has it at something like 60-70% stocked.

Sorta just looking to talk out loud and see if anyone has imput. We're more willing to rehome the Flames than we would be the Serpaes, only for the fact that they're gorgeous-er...hehe :)