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Bought these from an authorized VIV retailer while in China for business and am now offering them for sale.

Shipping will be $5 regardless of how much you buy like before. Payment will be via paypal and shipping will be USPS Priority mail.

In addition, I will be offering a discount for any orders over $75 and/or multiple items (3 or more). I have multiples of most items. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding dimensions. I usually ship the next available post office day after payment.

If I'm out of stock of something, feel free to contact me and I can put you on a waiting list if you'd like.

10mm mini jet outflow - $30

10mm mini violet outflow - OUT OF STOCK

13mm mini spin outflow - $35

13mm mini jet outflow - $32
Please note the newest model does not have the crimped end anymore, it is entirely round!

13mm mini intake - $32

13mm lily outflow - $38

13mm lily intake - $38

17mm lily outflow - $41

17mm lily intake - $41

Curved spring scissors - $22
Pipe brush - OUT OD STOCK - NOTE these are intended for 13mm and 17mm lilies and full size inflows only. They will not make it around the bends of the 13mm mini pipes
12" long curved tweezer - $17

NAG (NOT VIV) Planter Orbs - $18

Clip style drop checker - $12

Bubble counter - $18

Mini CO2 Diffuser - $33

30mm Diameter CO2 Beetle Diffuser - $35

40mm Diameter CO2 Bettle Diffuser - $35

7" Small Stainless CO2 Diffuser (NOT VIV) - $35

10" Small Stainless CO2 Diffuser (NOT VIV) - $35

12" Medium Stainless CO2 Diffuser (NOT VIV) - $40

An additional picture of the SS diffuser. From what I am told by the retailer, the factory that makes these is run by a guy who used to design for ADA. For those interested, I have a youtube video showing the diffuser in action, PM me for the link. It produces a reasonably fine mist. There are some larger bubbles around the side of the disk occasionally, but I suspect you can reduce this with a tiny bit of silicone between the ceramic disk and the rubber gasket.

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