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Visiting NYC!

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Hi NYers, I'm from Toronto.

I'm coming to visit New York City in January with my friends for a few days. I don't know anything about the city. My friend says we're going to the Manhattan area.

Do you guys have any recommendations for both aquarium-related and tourist-related things to do?

Looking forward to the trip, it'll be my first time there.
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NYC has a token aquarium far out in Brooklyn,
that's pretty much packed up and dead in winter,
and our LPS mostly suck, so don't bother with it.

some web sights you can explore for ideas;

new links:

try to make plans you and your friends can mostly
agree on. there's nothing worse than going to a
new city, and everyone wants to do something else.

January is a pretty lousy Month to come here.
the Holiday's are all over, and it's windy and cold,
so make your plans as near indoors as possible.

in the winter, ice skating is one of the best ways to
enjoy the scenery. we have rinks on the river at
Chelsae piers, in Central park, Rockefeller center, and
the latest and greatest in Bryant park at 42nd & 6th.

NYC may look grimy by Toronto standards, but it's
safe if you go to areas and venues busy with people.
take the subway whenever possible. it's much faster
than any surface transport, and part of the NY experience.

In midtown between about 30th and 50th, don't shop/buy
anything away from major chain stores. small flashy shops
in midtown actually prey on tourists, so if you have not
comparison shopped on the web for it first, just walk away.

panhandling is illegal in NYC, so try to ignore the homeless.
NY is very charitable and they have places to go, but they
choose to live on the streets and prey on tourist's sympathy.

anything sold by a street vendor as genuine name brand
is always a genuine fake no matter how authentic it looks.
if you want great fake items, go down around Canal Street.

NY really is "the City that never sleeps" as many areas
frequented by College students, the wealthy and the
fashionable are hopping with activity as late as 3am.
midtown tourist show spots do go dead by midnight, so
you have to go more uptown and downtown for action.

don't party every night and sleep till noon. many TV morning
shows tape around Rockefeller center, and it's fun to go out
early and be part of the street crowds around the studios.

NYC is special in how it has entire areas devoted to an
attraction type, so go to one spot for a show, meal or
tour, but take note of the area's similar venues as well.

NY'kers are surprisingly nice to tourists, accept during
weekday work hours. then we don't have patience
for it, as you simply get in the way of our routines.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and can visit more often :proud:
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Thanks a lot for the info!
NYC has a token aquarium far out in Brooklyn,
I've been there. It's funny and sad at the same time... And it takes a long time to get there by train too so I wouldn't bother going.

The Bronx zoo is another story.. I'd recommend going there during the spring or summer.

Yeah, winter is pretty lousy in nyc but hopefully there's a benefit to global warming.

Of course, you'll have to go to a broadway and off-broadway show. And go see the museums (best in the country).. Eat the great food... Go to the bars.... Sometimes it's more fun doing stuff by yourself and not have to coordinate with people which is a pain a lot of times.

I think I've walked every inch of Manhattan.... Oh, wear sneakers... You'll be walking a lot.
rush hour

Please stay in the hotel between 7:30 - 9:45Am and 4:30- 7:30PM.
Man i hate tourist looking up at a building or a map when they walk out of the subway.
I have family in Toronto so they always get a littled wowed by Manhattan, but then i takem to BAM or something in the boros and they seem to like it a little more.

Yes the subways are safe, so is central park.
Print out what Spypet sent you it's good n indepth.
my only recommendation is to go up the empire state building a little before sunset. The view's great during daylight, and the night lights are spectactular... so that way, you get best of both :)

And go see some shows... I've seen STOMP and Rent and maybe one or two other shows in NY. It's fun :)
Food is an important part of any visit to this city. If you really want to pull out all the stops, I'd recommend Le Bernardin. Bring a suit though. It is formal, but not TOO expensive (if you plan on not having any wine that is). I've always felt that a show is greatly enhanced if you enjoy some fine dining before hand.
Thanks so much for the info.

We're probably going in January. Originally wanted to leave on Dec 31 and spend New Year's in NYC--but hotel/motel rates are double that night.

So we'll go early January.

Still deciding how many days and nights, maybe 4 days 3 nights. And planning where to go each day.
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