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Visiting Glendale, Arizona, any recommended places to go? ;)

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I am flying out tomorrow (Sunday) to Arizona for an interview on Monday. Won't be heading back until Tuesday afternoon. I have part of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to enjoy the city, but not a whole lot of time so looking forward to these two things: Excellent Food / Big Petshop (not like Petco or Petsmart).

Food - American, Italian, Mexican, Asian, you name it! ;)
Pet Store - That has a nice collection of planted tanks, fish and inverts :hihi:

Looking forward to being in Glendale, AZ for the 1st time! :biggrin:
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On that side of town I would most definetly make a trip out to AquaTouch

12040 North 32nd Street Phoenix, AZ 85028
(602) 765-9058

Excellent setups and advice from these guys. Awesome Planted tanks. They also have lots of ADA Products
so if you were looking to buy ADA items this could be better than shipping it!!

For food not sure out there in Glendale. I am in Mesa myself.... :(

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Thanks for all the tips. Did went over to those places mentioned.

Overall I had a great trip! Better yet I just found out I got accepted as a Pharmacy student there! So excited! ;)
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