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Vintage/MCM/Retro tank stands?

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Hey y'all, I got a good deal on a new 40b on craigslist and now I'm looking around for a stand. I'm kind of a design nerd and my apartment is decorated in a vintage/midcentury style and unfortunately most of the stands I can find online or locally are these giant blocky things that would look kind of glaring among all my little hairpin table legs.

I found a few examples I really like:

this is specifically designed to be a tank stand and would be ideal if I could find one online or locally lol

this is just a cabinet, I'm not sure I have this guy's confidence in those little legs bearing the weight of filled tank

I do have a big dresser that's very heavy and solid but again, not specifically made to handle the weight of a filled tank and I'd be hesitant to use it and risk ruining both tank and dresser

Seems to me that aquariums are a source of beauty/living art in the home and deserve an equally beautiful place to rest!

Have you seen anything that fits the bill online?

Alternatively, what are the best looking stands available in your opinion?
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This idea may not work with mid-century, but... sometimes you can fnd stands for old treadle sewing machines that are a beautiful sturdy cast iron base. Add a topper of a double layer of 3/4inch plywood in your desired size to match the base of your tank and it might be just that unique look you like.
that is a great idea! and looky here, one just happens to be available on my local craigslist:
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Sweet looking legs. That could make a great looking stand!
Just had a thought:

these steelcase tanker desks are supposed to be pretty much indestructible, surely they'd be able to hold the weight of a 40b?
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We had an aquarium on a sewing machine base. Worked fine...
That steel desk could probably hold four 40Breeders if it is anything like the one I had 40 years ago. I think I could have parked a small car on it! Depending on your hardscape, you should assume somewhere between 350 and 400 lbs for a 40B (40 gallons of water is ~320 lbs).
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