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vinegar eels

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vinegar eels $4 a cup , very easy no maintenance at all
''Vinegar eels are a great source of food for small fry and can also be used as food for really small adult fish. Since Vinegar eels are so easy to cultivate at home, you can always have a culture going in case your fish decides to spawn. Feeding fry live food instead of powdered flake food or similar increases the survival rate for most species and will also aid rapid growth and development. Live food is less likely to foul the water, since live creatures will stay alive until consumed instead of starting to decompose. During periods that you have no fry to feed, your adult fish will most likely gulp down any excess vinegar eels, especially if you keep fairly small fish species. ''
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Wouldn't mind a job in sales :p

also thought i would mention shrimp will eat the vinegar eels
They can be quite lucrative positions. I wouldn't blame you.
ie been playing with the idea of real estate agent/broker
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