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Hi Folks,
I maintain a 15 gallon, fairly heavily planted, low tech tank which is supported by a Sunsun 302 canister filter which has mixed media including two MarinePure 2" square blocks for ammonia and nitrite removal.
I have read good things about Purigen here and elsewhere. But I have also read that it may not be the best addition for a low tech planted tank.
The reason I was exploring the possibility of adding Purigen was to tackle the inevitable mess of decomposing plant matter. I have a lot of leafy plants and there are times that for one reason or other some of the plants drop leaves. At present my Staurogyne repens carpet is a fair mess with half of the leaves lost. It is coming back, but slowly. Plus, despite a lot of circulation (I have a wavemaker installed) there is just too much stem growth in the rear creating inevitable dead spots where melted leaves gather out of sight. That may support the growth of the worst types of algae.
I felt that Purigen can be a good addition due to its organic removal capacity.
Would love to have your views.
Am attaching an image of the tank dated 9th March (2 month old tank). There is more plant mass as on date.
Fauna stocking is around 60% of tank capacity.
Thanks for your views.


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That tank looks amazing. I'd be interested to know how you're getting that much growth? Sorry I can't help on the Purigen question.
Thanks Ben :)
It is a simple tank and has plants that are known to grow without pressurized CO2. The choice of plants is very critical in my opinion. I experimented with a wide variety before setting up this tank.
You will find the tank details here:
I'd be happy to help with any specific question that you may have.
Thanks for looking.

Purigen is ideal for adsorbing dissolved undesirable organic matter, but will not pick up undissolved/decomposing plant material.
You need to tackle the obvious plant matter with a suitably sized siphon hose or an aquarium vacuum tool first, then let the Purigen handle the dissolved impurities.
As to whether Purigen is good, or does good, in a low tech tank - absolutely - give it a go !
I've used Purigen 24/7 in my low tech planted discus tanks for years.
Many thanks. I try and do that, but because of my small-sized tank most of my stem plants are thin leaved (for sense of scale :D ) - dropped leaves get stuck in them and rot. I do siphon what I can, but there is still stuff that I just can't find on an everyday basis.
But I am glad to hear that Purigen will help. I wanted to be sure before I added it.
Thanks again.
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