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Video of my NEW paludarium!

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Here is a link to my newest Paludarium.

I need suggestions for attractive plants to add to the tank aquatic or not. Keep in mind that I have no soil, and the land area is constructed out of rock.


It is a 40 gallon, and includes a waterfall, land areas, live aquatic plants, moss, mossy sticks, ferns, and lucky bamboo through out.

Lighting - 13 watt CFL repti glo 2.0 (daytime)
25 watt incandescent moon glo (night)

Filtration - 55 gal waterfall filter

Substrate - moss, fish gravel, turtle rocks, and slate

Inhabitants - 3 fire bellied toads.
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Bromeliads look nice above water and any moss that grows both above and below the water line would look nice
water wisteria?
will bromeliads grow in rock with water about an inch below the rock? It would basically be grown hydroponically I guess. I don't want to kill one.
Very pretty!
Broms can be grown as epiphytes. You could mount some on your branches as long as they're high enough off the water so that don't stay constantly wet. Stick with smaller species so they don't get too cramped. Many of the smaller species of Anubias would also work well.
I like it how it is. The rocks look nice against all the green up above.

maybe just add a few leafy plants like anubias.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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