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As the title indicates....Along this entire street ( are stores full of aquariums and all forms of aquatic life. I took quick vids where I could (where store owners weren't paying attention or didn't care. Some told me to stop). Planted tanks seem pretty popular here. The discus tank at around 3:50 was just absolutely sick. The wild discus in there were beautiful. ALL the tanks in that particular store were phenomenal really, but the store owner told me to stop shooting so I didn't get anything but that discus tank.

Overall, the planted tank scene in Taiwan seems to be pretty vibrant. If I lived here, I'd have a one helluva set up for sure.

For reference, 30 NTD is about 1 the plants here are quite cheap vs. my typical Chicago prices.

I didn't put any of the saltwater stuff in this compilation...but there's a shop with a windowfront tank...a massive tank, with 3 sharks inside. 2 black tipped sharks and one white tip. ridic.

oh: edit - last clip with the angelfish fry aint here in's of my tank back home in chicago...had the clip still on my phone so i threw it in there :p
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