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Viability of reselling Hornwort. Any feedback = greatly appreciated :)

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Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my post :) We have a pond that is just under 2 acres in size. 75% of the pond is covered in Hornwort. The pond has never had algae and the fish within the pond seem to be quite healthy. What I'm contemplating is reselling some of the Hornwort. Any feedback, ideas, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you!


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Well the thing is, it's more of a natural pond than a artificial koi pond, and there's going to be potential for bugs and stuff living in the Hornwort. Some of which you don't want to be sending to your potential customers. Have you tested the water for pH, hardness, and any pollution or other run-off. It would be good to at least get some basic parameters on the water, possibility of septic tank effluent or microbes. Basically a lot of things that are probably OK in the pond but not something you'ld want to share in someone's pond or aquarium.
Well stated and great advice! I will work on that immediately. Thank you very much!
It's a beautiful pond and believe me I understand you trying to make a few bucks off of it but as a potential buyer I dip, boil or isolate anything that even comes from another tank and would be extremely reluctant to purchase plants from a pond even knowing that I probably have already. Having said that I applaud your ingenuity.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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