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Vesuvius Sword needs trimming

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These plants supposedly get to only 10-12 inches but I have a large mother plant that is out growing my 17 inch deep 40 gallon tank. It's probably 23 inches long and still growing..
Can I trim this plant back or will the leaves become algae infested if I do this?
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Hi ustabefast,

Welcome to TPT!

You must be doing something right, typically my plants of this species only get about 12" tall or so. Yes, you can trim them; I like to cut the leaves on the diagonal as opposed to straight across it seems to be less noticeable that way. Cutting the leaf does not seem to have an effect on algae on the leaves or not.
I have the natural form of the Vesuvius, without the curling, and it's gotten to about 24". I trim the tops frequently, with no issues.

And I like Seattle's idea of cutting on an angle. Never tried it, but it sounds like it would be perfect.
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