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-- Sale Pending --

Trimmed the tank (some) and pulled out a very large lot of anubias nana. I cleaned off most of the bad leaves (bad GSA, holes, yellowing). Threw the worst rhizomes away as well.

What's left will have a few leaves w/ some GSA. I have ramshorn snails in the tank, so a few may have tagged along. Every piece included is in good shape.

There are about 35 pieces in the lot. Fills up two ziploc gallon bags. This is a LOT of anubias.

I've never had issues w/ shipping anubias in colder weather. The boxes usually stay in a relatively warm location (post office, postal truck) and don't usually sit overnight, outside unless it's at the delivery address.

Let me know any questions. Pics below. See CD/DVD for reference. Towel is a "typical" bath towel size. Buyer gets all plants in the picture.

Asking $55 shipped. Planning on using a USPS Priority Mail flat rate box (~$11).

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