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Ok guys.
As you may or may not know, I have a planted 20 gallon tank that had fish(Zebra Danios) for a short period of time.
After a few days, I noticed some of their fins were ripped and some had this whit stuff coming off their tails. Later Fish started dying.
In the end, the few surviving fish developed white cottoney stuff in their gills, in their mouth area, and their tails. Soon all the fish died. I read somewhere that I had to kill off the remaining Columnaris, so I bought some aquarium salt and dosed quite a bit of it. However, others say that I must take down my tank and just sanitize everything with bleach and hydrogen peroxide. However, Someone on one of my other The Planted Tank Forum posts, someone seemed very sure and said sanitizing/taking down the tank was/is pointless, because the fish have Columnaris in their body, so the best thing to treat the tank with medications such as Furan 2 or Maracyn 2. So I have come to this conclusion, I will get some more fish, but have medication readily available so at the slightest sign of infection, I will combat the Columnaris.
BTW I have been dosing Aquarium salt and I am continuing to do so.
Is this a good tactic?
What else can or should I do?
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