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Very confused on cyano algae

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Hello, I've been dealing with cyano algae for a while now, and I'm confused on a treatment/preventative measures. My LFS said that its probably being caused by high phosphates and nitrates in my tap water and that I should buy RO water from them to fix the problem. Every time I've ever tested my tank/ tap water I've always gotten a zero reading?

Also due to my paranoia about phosphates and nitrates I've never fertilized for them. On a lark last week I bought some phosphate/nitrogen and dosed 1ppm phosphate and 10ppm nitrogen. I saw results over night in my plants growth! Bright red leaves are now growing on my melon sword, my hygrophila has new growth and the older leaves have "perked up." It's great that I have new growth, but I'm still struggling with cyano algae.

I do weekly water changes and filter cleanings, and gravel vac once a month.

Tank is a 30 gallons (36x12x16)
My filtration is an aquaclear 50, and a hydropro 2 sponge.
lighting is a 36inch planted+, sitting on glass lid with a screen to diffuse light.
substrate is Floramax
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NH has very high water quality generally, there's no need for RO, that's an old myth.

Poor plant care, mostly lack of water changes and/or low NO3.
BGA is a non issue for most planted tank if you address those 2 issues.

You add more KNO3.

I assume this is a non CO2 tank?
Would doing more then 1 water change a week help?

I've been dosing seachem flourish nitrogen over the past week, and have trying to keep it around 10ppm, should I be dosing it higher?

Yes this is a non c02 tank.
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