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Finally upgraded from the 25g cube, and let me tell you it's not very easy to find a 30-40g cube around here. Managed to find a beautiful 20x20x20 aquarium and some amazing driftwood at a local shop and we're off to the races.

Nothing equipment wise has actually changed, still running:
  • AI Prime Freshwater LED
  • Eheim 2215 w/lily pipes
  • 10lbs Co2 tank w/inline diffuser
Final hardscape in the tank:

This driftwood has some beautiful texture and a slight reddish hue to it. Very dense and pretty much sunk right away, although tannin galore. The main wood structure is actually four pieces connected using zipties. Beneath that is some black lava rock and a mix of ada aquasoil v2/tropica powder soil. Currently doing daily water changes and plans for this scape include a mixed carpet, some cypts, loads of ferns/anubias/buce and i'll be keeping my red lily.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts