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Just trimmed my tanks and I need to get rid of some plants.

Hydrocotyle Japan: $5 per golfball
Dwarf Hygro: $1 per stem
Christmas moss: $7 per golfball
5 golfballs for $30.
Rotala Rotundofilia: $1 per stem
Subwassertang: $7 per golfball
HC: $6 per 2x2
Taiwan moss: $7 per golfball
Peacock moss: $7 per golfball
Shipping is $7.
Please mind your weather. I will try my best to insulate and make sure the package arrives but I will not be held responsible for weather or USPS mishaps. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

-Plants may have pests such as snails, duckweed, etc. I will try my best to remove all pests if I see them.
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