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Now on Special - $30 shipped for ~ 20+ stems of Alternanthera Reineckii (3-9" tall & well rooted) + 7 crypts (small green gecko runners) + 7 sunset hygro (only NC residents for these)...all have no algae either !!! The ARs took up almost all of the center of my tank seen below...first come first serve so PM me for availability

Ludwigia sp Atlantis ($1.50 / stem); about 4-6” tall
Sunset Hygro ($1.50 /stem NC residents Only!!!); about 4-10” tall
Limnophila Aromatica ($1.50 / stem); about 6-10” tall
Brazillian Pennywort ($1 / stem); about 4-6” tall
Bacopa sp Caroliniana ($1 / stem); about 6-10” tall
Anubias Nana ($4 / rhizome); 6+ leaves on rhizome
(SOLD) Java Moss ($3) 5” mat or golf ball size
Alternanthera Reineckii (not mini) ($2 / stem); range from 3-6“
Rotala Bangladesh ($1.50 / stem); about 6+” each (you choose height you need)
Water Sprite ($2 ea); about ~12-36” tall) PM for how many you need & what height as they vary

Package Deals Available: will depend upon what all you want

Shipping: depending on order size USPS Priority shipping is $7 small box or $14 medium box

Disclaimers: I do not have heat/cool packs or insulated boxes so mind your weather; no dead on arrival replacements (i.e. no live arrival guarantee; I’ve not yet had a single issue here though); there should not be any snails but if there are any they are the tiny kind and there would only be a couple; there should be no algae present but if there is then it’s very minor GDA or GSA so dip, trim, or quarantine as you see fit in case there is some other kinds I am not seeing; all of these are grown submersed in high light with EI dosing & high CO2 levels; ships USPS Priority the next business day after payment is received

Payment: accept Paypal & Square

PM me for inventory

Trimmings will be from this tank:

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