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Various Leaves

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I found a post on the different benefits of different kinds of leaves

It talks about mulberry leaves, guava leaves, banana leaves, Indian Almond Bark / Catappa Bark, and Alder Cones

It talks about their medicinal values, breeding stimulation, assistance in molting, stress relief, effects on pH, etc...

What are you experiences with these plants? Do they work? Should I get some? All? Is the site accurate?

Thank you!
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leaf liter is about the most important thing you can have after soil and water.

IAL/Catappa are the most beneficial, mulberry, guava, banana are more food based, alder cones are just another source of tannis but something different for the shrimp to climb on.

and that blog you posted was a direct copy of the blog I wrote.
Hmm sorry to hear they plagiarized you. That sucks.

So, do you recommend getting all these things?
I have tried all the ones bostoneric listed except for banana leaves.

Indian almond leaves are easily my favorite of the bunch because my shrimp all seem to love it. The shrimp will graze on it for about a month and a half or so before it gets stripped bare and you replace it with another piece.

I have not seen my shrimp care for mulberry leaves though despite how much everyone else seems to have good luck with them.

Both guava leaves and alder cones also seem to do pretty well in my tank.
I'm a huge fan of leaf litter and have tried most of those that you mention as well as Moringa and Amaranth. Once the local trees start losing their leaves this fall I intend to give those a try (Maple, Oak, Apple). I love the fact that they can just stay in the tank and the shrimp always have something to graze on and you don't have to worry about food that fouls up the tank. I do feed some shrimp food about once a week mostly because it's fun to see them gather in one place but I don't really think it's necessary. It's my understanding that leaves and the film that forms on them in water are what these shrimp would consume in the wild. As for the medicinal qualities I can't say for sure. I believe the suggestion is that the tannins leached from some of these leaves, particularly the Indian Almond and Guava leaves, are meant to prevent some of the common bacterial infections that threaten shrimp. I've only been keeping shrimp for a few months, I've had these leaves in my tank and have not had any problems with bacterial infections ... which, of course, proves nothing.
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