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Do vampire cab do well with shrimp?
Which species of Vampire Crab? Some are more murder-y than others. But, a good rule of thumb: shrimp can become food. So will snails. And fish. And basically anything else in their enclosure.

If you're using a large enough tank - think 20gal long at minimum - you'd likely be able to have an area of water large enough to keep a small colony of shrimp if you have it well-planted, tons of moss and hiding spots where crabs can't reach.

It would be even better if you could use a tank with dimensions like the 33gal long, standard 55gal (tall to prevent escapes), 40b. Something like that with lots of vertical space. With the goal being lots of land for the crabs and plenty of water for the shrimp that the crabs can also explore.

If you're new to either shrimp or crabs, it would be a better idea to start with one type of animal at a time. Learn the ins and outs of keeping them before trying to keep them in the same enclosure. Maybe crabs for six months or a year, then start a separate shrimp tank. Keep that for a while. Then consider the intricacies of keeping them together. That would afford you time to gain more experience and set you up a bit better for success.
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