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Vampire Crabs

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On my search for unusual snails, I've come across a Vampire Crab, I can't find much info about him apart from he needs to live in a small aquaterrarium, but no information on how small.

I have an old Arcadia Arc, 12 x 10 x 10 ins 20 litre, would this be big enough? I know they are nocturnal so wouldn't he need a light in his tank? If that's so, how would the mosses survive? Would the aquaterrarium need a filter? Would a small sponge filter do? And could I keep snails in there with him?
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How many are you keeping? They are called Geosasema crabs so you may want to look at other forums under that name. A small 5 or 10 gallon should be fine if you are keeping less than 10. You can have lights in there for 8 hrs. They need clean water so it makes sense to have a filter.
Ok, thanks for that, They've only got one at the LFS which they are keeping for me but I can order more if I want.
I just googled them and those eyes are striking! Creepy little guys but sound like they would be cool to keep. Here is a aquaterrarium setup for them that may just inspire me to build my wife the terrarium she has been wanting. I like the use of the siliconed glass as a divider rather than building up more in a tank to provide dry space.
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It is an awesome tank setup... I'd love to do something like it and keep these guys. Very cool looking.
I like that tank as well, it doesn't look as if its got a filter in though. I suppose you could put a sponge filter in otherwise how would you filter it? Have you seen the video's on You Tube, one has a little guy with a pot for feeding, it's so cool.
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