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A few months back I received 5 tiger vals from Barthog and they quickly became 9 or 10 and are filling a spot in my 90 gallon discus tank and while I expected and anted them to grow tall to get that effect of swaying in the current some of these have reached a foot over the top or the tank so i wonder if anybody trims these and does the leaf tip turn brown after trimming also I will add that I dose metricide every day in this tank with no signs of it bothering them as I have heard that they are sensitive to this stuff.
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I have trimmed then in the past, but I never really liked the way they looked, never looked as natural. You're probably better off removing the mature plants, and letting the smaller ones from the runners fill in
Thanks just what i was thinking, the tall ones are farther back so i may try trimming them and see if the others cover the spot where their cut,
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