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Vals possible in 5gal/13watt?

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I would like to set up a 5gal, no CO2 tank. I plan on putting in the 13watt replacement fixture from AH supply. Will this set-up be sufficient for Valisneria? I am going to be using Eco-complete and a layer of pool sand over it (sand for aesthetic purposes).

Also, with a low fish load (I plan on shrimp mostly), is there any reason I need to keep the filter going, or will a small powerhead with a sponge attachment be sufficient?

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It should be fine but I think the tank is too small for them.
Try to stick with Vallisneria nana. It shouldn't be too much of a problem.
I see nothing wrong with a 5 gallon for shrimp. I keep my SS/S+ CRS in one, and they're doing great; I just make sure to give lots and lots of filtration. I have a foam-sponge over the intakes of the Eheim Ecco 2234 and Azoo Palm Filter I have on the tank, and I notice when the sponge gets too clogged, the shrimps aren't as strongly colored as they normally. Good indicator of water quality.

As for plants, you probably will want to keep it low to medium-light. Vallisneria nana should be no problem in terms of growing, but you want to beware it outgrowing your tank. Since it'll grow slower, you wouldn't have too much trouble with it outgrowing your tank too fast, but it is something to think about.

About the sand.... Wouldn't the sand just sink down to the bottom? Why not just eco-complete? I personally found sand very tedious to keep clean...
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I picked up something sold as Pygmy vallisneria and it stays much smaller than the other varieties.

I haven't seen this described anywhere well. Is this the nana variety? I'm looking for the species name for it. Is it spiralis?
Does it spiral a lot? then its the new kind. Forgot the name but should have some information on it.
It doesn't have too many twists in the leaves, but I'll see what tropica says about their val varieties.
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