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I'm looking for uncommon species for my masters degree research. The goal is to obtain all species from the genus Vallisneria, extract DNA, and produce an updated phylogeny. If you have collected plants from the wild, or allowed to collect we can voucher your collected plants and you will be given recognition in the paper as well as Genbank.

Current collection:
Vallisneria americana
Vallisneria natans
Vallisneria erecta
Vallisneria spiralis

Species wanted:
Vallisneria anhuiensis
Vallisneria annua
Vallisneria australis
Vallisneria caulescens
Vallisneria densiserrulata
Vallisneria longipendunculata
Vallisneria nana
Vallisneria rubra
Vallisneria spinulosa
Vallisneria triptera
1 - 2 of 2 Posts