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Vallisneria Dying :(

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I just finished setting up my very first planted tank. It is only 5 gal, and just some driftwood and plants are in so far. Unfortunately, when I received the Vallisneria Americana Asiatica that I ordered online, it looked like it had not traveled well at all (the other 3 plants I received from the same vendor were great). The first picture attached is from when I received it Tuesday evening - the rest are from Thursday morning. The vendor has a 3-day live guarantee, so I've already emailed them about it, but thought I would post here in the meantime. I would prefer to be able to save it if at all possible. Do you all think it is a lost cause or is there something I could do to give it a chance? Thanks in advance for your advice!

Here are some details on my tank, in case they are useful:
5 gal
20lb bag of CaribSea Eco-Complete substrate (I had about 4 cups leftover that I didn't use)
Finnex FugeRay Planted+ LED Light
No filter currently (I have an internal one that came with the tank, but I'd really prefer to not use it so I'm trying it without first)
75 deg F
My tapwater pH comes in at around 8.2, but it settles down to around 6.9 after a while
Currently cycling (fishless), so I'm manually adding ammonia
No livestock, but eventual goal is 8-10 Chili Rasboras, several Ghost Shrimp, and a snail or two