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Vacuum suggestions?

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so i will need to get one more likely sooner than i thought.
my tank is 55g gravel, rock, drifwood and plants. not much open spaces.
should i look for smaller end, less suction ?
any suggestions would be great!
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If you are actually going to vacuum the organics that collect on and in the gravel go with a small diameter (one inch or so). For water changes have a larger one.
I use a piece of vinyl hose with a regular 2in gravel vac attached on one side (to do large scale fishpoop removal) and a half inch diam acrylic tube on the other side for detailing work. The latter works great to remove pesky Riccia, Pellia, mosses and other unwanted items.

All combined with a bucket... I don't gravel vac that often anyway.
You could go with not vacuuming at all unless you're really unhappy with the look. The crap you vacuum is the stuff plants eat.
python cheapest i found its like $39 shipped. thats kinda much for a hose basicly.
to do water i use rena xp hose to drain, which is perfect!! I just take the output hose of the side and put it into the bucket and let the presure do its work. once full put it back on the rim. no pumping or sucking or any effort.
i think i need to vacuum some because every time i move a plant or gravel there is bunch of fish poop. it gets settled after a while and you cant see it after.
is it better just let it be? till it gets out of control? my tank is 4 months old
It just depends on your fishload etc. Heavy load, big poopers = more frequent gravel cleaning.

Something like this should fit the bill.
You could always increase water flow, which will send more mulm through your filter.
i have rena xp2 running full power. i would have to add another filter to increase flow :) which i was kinda thinking of.
anyway, since my plants are just starting i might hold off on vacuuming right now.
but surely need a bigger bucket for water changes :)
i think you should DIY yourself a python, very cheap and works great. Very easy to make one as well.
grrr python lovers surrounds us :p
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