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Ive a 75 gallon tank , somewhat overplanted (see pics). I have 2 banks of Ecoexotic e-120, inject CO2, and use a peristaltic pump to dispense NilogG's fertilizers every day (modified EI dosing).
I plan on lowering the photoperiod to 5 hours/day (from 7), turning off the CO2 and ferts, in an attempt to minimize algae formation. I will leave the 2 Eheim 2217's on for the duration.
As for fish, I have, well, many cherry shrimp, some Galaxy rasboras, Otocinclus, and a few dwarf cories. Substrate is Ecocomplete, a few plants are Java fern, val, Balansae crypts, etc....
Currently I do a lot of trimming every week, believe it or not, there are two good sized pieces of wood in the tank, but the java fern and Christmas moss has taken over, such that you cant even tell they are there. I think the shrimp and fish are happy though!
So, do you folks have any recommendations?


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How long will you be gone? The pump pumps automatically right? Co2 on a timer? If you're not going to be gone for a month or something why not just leave it going automatically?

I like your tank btw.

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Don't turn off co2! That helps keep algae at bay. Leave it all running. Fish can go quite awhile without food. Just make sure your co2 tank has plenty of gas left the same with your ferts all will be fine.

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Apologies! I will be gone for two weeks. Yes, the pumps pump micros and macros automatically. I worry about letting it go mainly because I will not be able to do a water change and trim that jungle for two weeks. Last time I went away I came back to a diatom bloom of epic proportions.
The bioload is low, and I don't worry worry about the shrimp, but maybe I can train my son to feed some baby brine shrimp a couple times.
You could lower the photo period but keep co2 and ferts going.

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When I travel out of country, I usually wrap the tank or put a glass lid on top( but leave a small gap for air exchange and auto feeder), reduce photoperiod to 6 hours, leave co2 pumping, stop dosing. Worked well for up to one month.
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