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UVC's position in filter line? operation hours?

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hi all,

to those of you using UVCs, where do you put them in your filter line? before or after the filter itself?

and how long do you leave them on for?

also, can a UVC stop all forms of algae from growing or is it limited to green water?

please help =D

thanks in advance!
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I always plumbed my UV in line after the filter to help prevent gunk buildup. It still gets gunky, but not was fast.
IME It will only work with GW. I've had thread, BBA, GSA, and GDA with a UV in place.
I left it on 24X7 for a few days at a time with a GW outbreak, or introducing new fish.
hmm ok. thanks for the input =)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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