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Hello everyone,

I recently installed a UV sterilizer (AquaUV 8W) on my 44 gallon planted tank. I have had the sterilizer plumbed into the return line for 5 days (leak / flow testing) and only turned it on last night. This morning, I noticed the whole tank had turned a cloudy yellowish/brown and the inflow/outflow lily pipes have turned the same color.

I have an Apex set up for this tank to control its parameters:
- CO2 is maintained based on pH (held within 0.3 pH; about 30-38 ppm CO2 based on alkalinity)
- Temperature is maintained with an inline heater (held at 78.0-78.5 degrees F)
- Lights are ramped up/down with a program
- PPS-Pro fertilizer dosing is performed automatically each day
- Flow is constant around 50 GPH

Other than the fertilizer dosing and 2x daily feeding, nothing is being added to the tank.

AFAICT, the tank parameters have been stable for the 5 days since the UV sterilizer was installed and when it was turned on. The only anomaly I can see is that there is a slight drop in pH (0.03 pH) over the first 2 hours the UV sterilizer was turned on (see attached graph).

So my question is can anybody help me understand how the UV sterilizer may have caused the overnight yellow/brown cloudiness in the tank?

(The first photo is from a few days ago; the subsequent photos are all from this morning.)


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