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UV sterilizer question

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im about to buy the 36 watt corallfe turbotwist uv sterilizer, now i want to set it up with my eheim 2217, only problem is the flow rate, my solution is to put a Y on the output or the 2217, one going to the tank the other to the uv sterilizer that would have its own output, on the T i would have ball valves and reduce the flow rate of the sterilizer down to something stupid slow....

is this a good idea?
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How big is the tank? I have two 18w on my 120.
seems okay to me.. as long as all the connections are tight.
wow how do you like the flow of the 2217 in your 90? It wasnt enough flow in my 55 so I added a 2213 and plummed the UV on the 2213.

I think since you are getting a pretty big unit the flow shouldnt matter that much. It is going to have decent expsure time with that many watts.
i love the 2217! i have 2 of them on my 85g osaka

and i have a 2211 on my ebi!

classic eheim is the ultimate filter in my opinion. money not being a problem i see no other filter that compares.

in the past 15 years i must have had at least 2 bad fluvals, 6 bad eheim professionals, 1 bad marineland, and out of at least 6 classics i never ever had one leak or go bad on me
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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