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UV sterilizer for 75 gal.?

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I have a 75 gallon take and a fluval fx5 and I was trying to decide which turbo twist uv sterilizer to go with as far as wattage. Also, i have heard that uv units are sensitive to pumping power of your cannister filter, is this true?

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9Ws should be sufficient on a smaller canister filter, but due to the high flow of your FX5, a larger model may be needed.
Yes, they are sensitive. The faster the water flows, the less time the UV rays get to come in contact with water. Therefore, a high flow pump will yield poorer results in terms of allowing water to fully contact the UV for an extended time.
I have used a 9 W turbo twist on occasion with a small maxijet powerhead. That combo worked great (only when I thought it was needed). I now have a XP2 and I can tell you that it would be way too much for the 9 W turbo twist . I don't think it would nessecarily hurt the 9 W turbo twist , but the flow would be too strong to have any effect on the water passing through it.

I just keep the 9 W turbo twist around these days just in case I have a GW breakout or something like that. I haven't actually used it for over a year now. If you are considering a UV, then you might want to go with a bigger one like the 18W turbo twist. Contact time with the light is key, and the 18W is designed for stronger flow.
Now that is a sweet setup Diablo! I think I am going to build one just like that.
Now that is a sweet setup Diablo! I think I am going to build one just like that.
It was easy to do, use plenty of teflon tape where the PVV connects to the UV.......DC
I like this one. It can be easily removed and put on.
I hafve one and very happy with it.
Look here at
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