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I need to clear out some stuff so this has got to go.Its already boxed up and will be shipped UPS

Enough black flourite sand that should cover a 5.5G 5.00 + shipping
Enough flourite rock/slate looking substrate 5.00 + shipping
Driftwood on slate 16.00 shipped
Natural material Wood Twig Sculpture Art

stump looking Driftwood 14.00 shipped
Ruler Office ruler Wood Art Plant

10G aquarium stand 15.00 + shipping
Rectangle Wood Wood stain Gas Composite material

Mighty Mite Ro/Di Unit - I have pushed less than 10 gallons thru this and now it has been sitting. It didnt come with a manual, however, its a portable device, and comes with all you need to connect it to any sink faucet.

$95.00 shipped and insured

I have a aqua medic 5W UV sterilizer.Last time i plugged it in the bulb worked.I lost the nipples so thats the only thing stopping you from using it.You can either order them from aqua medic or buy something comparable at home depot,lowes etc.

38.00 shipped
Automotive lighting Font Automotive tire Auto part Personal protective equipment

And for anyone looking to get a rare houseplant, i have a few pachira/money tree
Plant Flower Flowerpot Houseplant Tree
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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