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UV Recommendations

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Hi folks,

I thought a UV Sterilizer might be a good future investment for a quarantine tank. Then I though a HOB model might make most sense so I could move it to the main tank if ever necessary.

The Gamma seems like the strongest, but JBJ ha sone now that looks very simple to use as it has an integral pump.

Curious to see if anyone has either, or even thinks a little zap is useful now and then.

Got to go buy some lottery tickets.
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ANyone have experience with this unit?
I'm using the in-tank Green Killing Machine. It's relatively cheap and it's working great. I have it mounted behind some tall plants so it's not so bad to my eyes. I run it all the time and while that's probably overkill, it's a great prevention measure for keeping fish healthy and the water clear.
Also got the Green Killing Machine 9w for the GW issue I had, solved it in 4 days. 29 g tank.
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