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USPS pick up

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Anyone do this? Is it the same as taking it to the post office for delivery? For example if its 2 day priority and I schedule for a pick up on Monday and they pick it up, will it be delivered on Wednesday?
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Yes, it's the same. Usually. I've never had a problem with delays when requesting pickup.
ok great. I guess I'll have to try it out!
I'm curious, if I schedule for pick up on Saturday, since the USPS office is closed by the time they come by my house, if it is 2 day priority will it still arrive Monday? Not sure if they take it back to the USPS building and have to process it or the customer facing USPS is the only thing closed early on Saturday.
In major cities mail is usually processed the evening it's picked up. For me, it gets picked up sometimes after the Post Office is closed but still gets sorted, moved to the airport facility and moved on to its destination. Even on weekends.
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