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Using RO water

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When doing a water change with RO water should I mix up the RO water to have the same parameters as I'm trying to keep?
I do 50 % water changes and so far have done straight RO water changes to get my tank down where I want it. Water was liquid nails and always changing (well water). The water in the tank is now where I would like it.

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I would pre-mix it with tap water and get it where you want it before adding it to the tank.

I never add any type of water straight into the tank as I like to condition it and heat it to the correct temp before adding it to keep the shock level down.

- Brad
I do preheat the water and now I will start conditioning it while it is sitting out.
So do I make the RO water have same parameters as the tank water?
Yes pre-treat your water (RO+tap) to the exact parameters you want in the tank before adding it.
Dosing ferts. I tend to see a rise in GH when I test over a period of weeks. Having an R O reservoir I keep the temp within a couple of degrees of the tanks. Setting the KH prior to water changes to match but leaving the GH lower than desired for the tanks. That way it too stays where I want it. 2-3dGH under won't shock the fish or bother the plants.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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