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Using polystyrene in tank

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I plan on tearing down and re-doing my 5g today and have a couple quite large rocks I would like to use. I know "egg crate" is commonly used in the US to help distribute the weight of the rocks evenly but it's rather hard to come by here (NZ, I have been looking for weeks for a different tank) I was wondering if a 1/2" sheet of polystyrene will be ok just under the rocks, i plan on using silicon to securely attach the rocks to it and I'm fairly sure the rocks are heavy enough to prevent it from floating.

Will this work?
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It doesn't help much for distributing weight, but I stick that plastic canvas stuff (used for needlepoint, I think) on the bottom to help prevent scratches. I can find some pretty big sheets that I trim down to fit in a typical 10-gallon, you shouldn't have any problem finding one to fit a 5 gallon, and it's pretty cheap as well - probably like a dollar a sheet.

I don't think there is really that much need to worry about distributing weight, the glass is far stronger then the eggcrate. I'm mostly concerned about scratches, and on bigger tanks that have tempered bottoms, this is a pretty legitimate concern.

You could probably use almost anything, a small piece of acrylic/plexiglass, one of those thin plastic cutting boards, maybe even a layer of bonded filter floss. Should be fairly easy to find something to fit a 5 gallon
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