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Using Contorted Hazel (Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’) in your tank?

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I am slowly setting up an aquarium. One idea I have is using contorted hazel in the tank as I have free access to some branches. Has anyone used it? I have some dried branches with patches of bark peeled off and the wood is a light colour when dried. The bark is very dark and difficult to get off. I have only found a few examples on line of it's use in aquariums but with very little follow up as to how it holds up and effects on the water quality in the long term.
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I have never used that type and in fact would not know what it looks like. But then I do have some general rules about the wood I use. I find wood with bark will almost always be too green and have too much sap for my use. Over time as the bark peels off in my tank, I don't like having it floating around and finding ways to get in things.
Personal preference but for me, it is much easier to find different wood that fits what I want than to fight the problems I've mentioned.
Any chance of finding a place where people dump their trimmings and they lay there for years while they dry totally? I find some good stuff at the local recycle place where people cleaning yards bring old brush to dump. It takes an odd lucky spot but there are certainly good finds there.
Corylus avellana 'Contorta' is not toxic, as far as I can research. While I agree that material dead long enough for toxins to degrade is a good safety factor, I would think that this material might be safe even if it is less aged than some.
Bark is indeed very tight. If it does not come off, go ahead and put it in the tank.
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