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Used Tank Questions

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One of hubby's friends heard that I was getting into the hobby and offered us a free tank. Once I get my 55gal all squared away I'm thinking of setting this one up in the dining room.

I have 3 questions:

First, how do I know how many gallons it is? I'm figuring this can be assessed by measuring it. (duh) Does anyone know the "equation"? (STUPID question, I know, sorry!)

Second, the brace in the middle of the tank is missing. Now I know from reading Rex's site that the brace in the middle of the tank is there "for a damn good reason..." (lol), so how would I go about fixing that issue? The brace seems to have been snapped off of the plastic, so there are two divots in the plastic where it used to attach.

I am planning on putting the tank against a wall outside and something heavy in front of the tank (since there is no brace and I don't want it to burst - I'm assuming that's what the brace does...) and filling it with water to see if it has any leaks in it. If there are any, I am figuring we can just re-silicone it, what type is ok for fish tanks?

Thanks all!
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you can get a new black rim for the top. I had a 55gal with the brace broken and the LFS actually had one in stock. Should be relatively easy to find. Might cost ya $15, don't remember how much mine was. Good luck =)
You can find the aquarium silicone stuff at pretty much any pet store, even petco/petsmart. It's marketed as for aquariums and is safe.
Thx for the answers guys!
just be for warned that a getting the old plastic off can be a HUGE PITA
that and make sure EVERY LAST BIT of old silicone is removed be for installing the new one same goes for resealing the tank if need be. Silicone won't stick to silicone!!!!
use lots of new razor blades then wipe down with nail polish remover, twice, 3x!! Once all is said and done let it sit for a week be for you put any water in the tank to make sure it has cured fully
Yeah, I did some research online about removing the old rim, and everyone says its an ordeal. Lucky for me it's already pretty much off anyway. LoL

That tank must be OLD. But with no cracks and perfect glass, just needing a new rim and maybe some silicone it was a great deal for free. I can buy a rim online for $15 and silicone for $5. $20 for a 55 gal isn't bad. Although it is one of the standard 55's that will be annoying to scape, I can tell already.... so looooong and narrow! I LOVE the dimensions on my other 55 gal bowfront that I'm setting up right now. 36"x13 1/2"x24"

Now all I need to do is convince people that the perfect presents for my bday and xmas (both coming up sooooon!) will be fish stuff. LoL My parents never know what to get me since I'm all grown up now and dont' "need" anything.:fish1:
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